Looking for Quality in Content Marketing Results

Leading a business is a complex and challenging task to allocate the right resources to the best opportunities every day. Being sure to allocate enough funds to the marketing budget and then maximize the practical use of each dollar. During difficult times it can be tempting to slash the marketing budget since the payoff isn’t always visible today. The reality every great leader knows is the future of your business depends on how effective the organization builds the brand, generate leads, and converts the leads to sales.

Many leaders pick and choose the effectiveness of the marketing approach based on intuition and short-lived success or failure. This selection method results in short-term abandonment of good ideas that take the time to build traction. Likewise, this thinking also prolongs sticking with a failed strategy that once worked when the market has moved on. These leaders are losing the value created by their marketing investment by abandoning content when the data to illustrate the early success of the content strategy may not be obvious.

Lots of data is now available for marketing campaigns, and the analysis of data can drive amazing results. The data could and often does have holes that only tell part of the story. Utilizing only quantitative data driven metrics could lead to early termination of a splendid content idea. To get a full picture of your content marketing strategy be sure to look at both the qualitative and quantitative data.

Qualitative Content ROI

Look for quality of the numeric elements as well as quantity when evaluating the effectiveness in these ways. These are example items that often fail to become part of any quantitative data marketing report.

1. One-to-one connections with industry peers and partners

Quality content is building stronger relationships with your chosen target audience and leads to productive interactions. The quantity of the interactions could be smaller, with deeper connections in the bond. The brand is better off with tighter connections to a smaller audience.

2. A more humanized trusted brand

Individuals are loyal to brands that trustworthy, and they trust brands they choose to create bonds to in their lives. Being honest and authentic with your content, brings your audience closer, in a more deeply rooted relationship lacking a metric on most quantitative marketing reports.

3. Increased engagement from team members

The content marketing of an organization is speaking to the external world as well as the internal one. Particular pieces of material may have bombed horribly externally, and yet achieved amazing results internally. Each piece of content helps to educate the internal team to understand what the brand is and is trying to become. They then emulate this when on a sales call or supporting a customer.

Each element of the organization’s content marketing strategy will provide incredible amounts of data and details that can be analyzed. Look beyond each of the metrics to find qualitative indicators to tell a complete story of the engagement you have achieved. Use the thinking of the three examples above to get your team started.

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