Newbrier Selects iDempiere as the Software Platform to Drive Growth.

Here at Newbrier we have been focused on finding the best tools to drive growth in our business, as well as the businesses of our customers.  It is important that the technology used delivers real value and not merely a formality because ‘its what we are supposed to do’.   Our search started with the simple basics of pens, pencils, and legal pads.  Anything more expensive and more complex had to prove its value.


It was tempting to allow accounting needs drive the process – we are finance guys after all.   Ultimately sales and customer service needs won as the need to provide support and service is most important to drive sales.  iDempiere is an ERP package that was able to meet all of our needs the best as a total package.   It was tempting several times to view a particular package and say ‘wow, that is beautiful’ but then lose functionality because it wouldn’t talk to other needed tools.  iDempiere supports sales, marketing, customer service, project management, and ultimately accounting.   To be clear there are better options that does each task individually better but break down because they do not integrate together as a cohesive toolset.  The lost value of the integration negates the superior starting point. 

The market is full of a plethora of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software packages.  iDempiere is an open source derivative of Compiere.  Chuck Boecking describes it this way:

The ADempiere, iDempiere, Openbravo and Compiere environments are amazingly similar. iDempiere came from ADempiere. ADempiere and Openbravo came from Compiere. Compiere came from Jorg Janke. Jorg came from Oracle. As a result, iDempiere and ADempiere have much in common with Oracle’s ERP in terms of the financial feature set.

iDempiere is free to get started with.   It can be easily installed on Amazon’s AWS platform and run for a low monthly cost.   Although the total cost of ownership does need to include time of the self supported model, consultants for tweaks and fine tuning, as well as contributions back to the development community for further investment into the project.   There is a high confidence level that iDempiere is the right solution for our business and our partners to grow on. 

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