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We’re making financial analytics accessible and usable so rural hospital leaders can relentlessly achieve superior results.

Be a Results Fanatic®


Newbrier KRX^F is an Excel add-in that makes it easy for rural hospitals to create insightful cash forecasts, helping them manage finances better with just a few clicks.


Newbrier KRX+R is a financial reporting service that delivers beautiful reports, providing hospital leaders with critical insights for making informed, strategic decisions.


Newbrier Radix empowers rural hospitals primed for growth to achieve superior results, driving efficiency, stability, and sustained expansion.


Drive greater accountability

With Rapid Plan, organizations can quickly and effectively prioritize their expenses, set clear financial goals, and align their resources with their objectives. Hospitals can optimize spending and make strategic decisions that drive growth and improve profitability.


Anticipate future cash needs

Cash Foresight is an essential tool for any rural hospital that wants to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced healthcare market. Cash Foresight empowers CFOs to make informed financial decisions by providing reliable strategic and actionable insights into future cash flows.

Revenue Insights

Revenue analytics

Revenue Vision is a potent revenue analytics tool that helps hospitals evaluate contractuals, optimize processes, and achieve revenue goals. CFOs can see their revenue trends over time, view data by location or service line, and identify areas where they can optimize their processes.

Labor Analysis

Workforce insights

Labor Analytics is a powerful tool that helps hospitals better understand their workforce data. By using advanced data analysis techniques, our service enables hospital leaders to track and analyze employee productivity and performance metrics and make informed staffing decisions.

Radix Bootcamp

Radix Bootcamp rapidly propels rural hospitals primed for growth from zero to strategic action in days. Specializing in performance improvement, this intensive program delivers the insights and tools necessary for enhanced efficiency, stability, and sustained growth, empowering hospitals to seize opportunities and achieve superior results.

Get Numbers Effortlessly


Data is hard to use, even for experts

In rural hospitals, leaders often lack the timely and accurate data to make informed decisions. This data is crucial for the hospital to thrive and ensure the community receives excellent care. With data dispersed and analytics time-consuming, leaders are left in a bind. Rural health leaders don’t have access to the analytics needed to build better outcomes. But what if they did?


Deciphering Answers from Insights

We envision a future where rural hospital leaders can access analytical insights and decision support, enabling them to accomplish previously unattainable or unimagined feats. Insightful analytics will serve as the catalyst that empowers these leaders to uplift their communities’ well-being significantly.

We are your Results Fanatic®

We work with you to transform your hospital, driving bold ideas and pragmatic solutions.

  • Relentless Speed

    Make rapid incremental improvements. 

  • Transparency

    Use transparency to build trust and tackle challenges.

  • Structured Cadence

    Build upon a consistent feedback loop.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Use data to inform decisions and track progress toward results.

  • Collaboration and Engagement

    Empower leaders and teams to build a culture of collaboration and engagement.

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We’re helping rural hospitals with tools purposely built for their unique needs to achieve superior results.