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X10 aligns rural hospital executives to unify leadership and strategic decision-making, driving superior results throughout their organizations.

Alignment for Superior Results

Rural Hospital Leaders Seeking Growth Choose X10 as a Strategic Alignment Process to Strengthen and Elevate Their Management.

When rural hospitals primed for growth seek to elevate their performance, they turn to Newbrier X10 as a strategic alignment process. Our program empowers leaders to navigate change and seize opportunities effectively. We collaborate with hospital staff and stakeholders to identify growth potentials, develop and implement actionable strategies, and drive superior results. With X10, rural hospitals align their leadership and strategy to achieve sustainable growth and superior performance in today’s healthcare environment.

Build A High-Performance Organization

At Newbrier, we understand the complexities of rural hospital leadership and the opportunities that help leaders thrive. X10 is designed to help leaders meet—and exceed—their demands. Our program equips leaders to break through barriers, transform their thinking, and tackle issues with fresh perspectives. We’ve structured our offerings into three pillars, empowering executives with timely information, peer connections, and strategic alignment to accelerate their career journey and drive superior organizational performance.

Primed for Growth

Being ‘primed for growth’ means a rural hospital is strategically positioned to expand and enhance its services, capabilities, and patient care. This status is achieved through robust systems, visionary leadership, and readiness to seize new opportunities. Such a hospital aligns its operations, staff skills, and technology to meet current demands and proactively address future challenges. This preparedness enables the hospital to adapt swiftly and thrive, turning potential into progress and visions into victories in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Experience the Power of the X10 Compass

The X10 Compass is a powerful tool within the X10 program, designed to simplify and enhance strategic alignment for rural hospitals. Its intuitive and straightforward approach has received widespread praise for its clarity and effectiveness.

The X10 Compass in Action

The X10 Compass helps hospital leaders align their vision, core principles, brand promise, and strategic priorities. This alignment fosters a cohesive strategy that drives superior results, ensuring every part of the organization works towards common goals. Embrace the simplicity and power of the X10 Compass to transform your hospital’s performance.

Effective Strategy Communication

Communicating your organization’s strategy statements in a clear, concise, and visually appealing way is crucial for creating alignment. When leaders and staff can easily understand and visualize the strategic goals, it fosters a shared vision and unified direction. This clarity eliminates confusion, aligns efforts across departments, and enhances engagement. A visually appealing strategy statement captures attention and makes the information more memorable, ensuring that everyone in the organization is focused on achieving superior results.

Our Approach

X10 is built around three core pillars proven to drive sustained personal and organizational performance:


Develop resilience and the ability to thrive amid complex challenges. Cultivate an environment that encourages innovation and creativity.


Embrace top technologies impacting rural healthcare. Enhance your understanding of data analytics for business impact.


Focus on achieving measurable outcomes and superior performance. Leverage strategic alignment and optimized approaches to drive your hospital’s success.

Building a Leadership Cadence with X10

Creating a consistent leadership cadence is essential for driving superior results and ensuring strategic alignment. The X10 program integrates two key elements to establish this cadence effectively:

Leadership Rounding

Regular, structured visits by leaders to various departments to engage with staff, understand their challenges, and reinforce strategic priorities. This hands-on approach fosters open communication, builds trust, and ensures that leadership is directly connected to the operational realities of the organization.

Session R

This is a monthly review during which leadership teams reflect on organizational performance, align on strategic goals, and plan for the next period. Session R ensures all leaders are on the same page, driving forward strategic initiatives and maintaining a unified focus. This structured approach helps identify growth opportunities, address challenges, and continuously refine strategies for superior results.

Leadership Cadence

Great leadership is easily identified because it is visible and out front, leading the way.


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Are you ready for X10?

We invite hospital leaders who are driving or preparing to drive organizations primed for growth to apply. X10 is most effective when the entire leadership team is committed to achieving exceptional success.