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KRX empowers rural hospital leaders to achieve more with every number, transforming data into superior results.

In the quest for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency, Rural Hospitals turn to Newbrier KRX, their trusted toolset for analytical clarity and sustainable growth.

KRX aims to offer continuous and comprehensive managerial clarity to hospital leaders. With detailed insights and streamlined reporting, KRX supports refined decision-making processes. Its robust financial reporting component helps guide strategic decisions by clearly showcasing the organization’s financial health. Insights drive sustainable growth and promote a high standard of healthcare services. The efficiency gains from using KRX are pivotal in navigating hospital management toward improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Newbrier KRX+R delivers powerful, easy-to-understand financial reports. Hospital leaders can effortlessly interpret complex numbers through stunning, beautifully designed visuals. Tailored for board presentations and management insights, our reports turn numbers into strategic assets. KRX+R ensures strategic decisions are backed by clear and compelling visuals, enhancing insight and impact.

  • Beautiful Financial Reporting with actionable financial metrics

  • Visually Stunning Presentations highlight key financial figures

  • Tailored Insights for board meetings and management discussions

  • Strategic Decision Support through precise and informed number analysis

  • Effortless Interpretation of complex financial numbers

  • Seamless Integration with existing systems to streamline processes

Newbrier KRX^F is an Excel add-in tailored for rural hospitals. It simplifies creating insightful cash forecasts within the familiar Microsoft Excel interface. With just a few clicks, hospital leaders can effectively forecast cash flow, keeping all crucial financial numbers secure on their computers. This tool highlights the importance of cash forecasting for maintaining financial health and planning strategically, ensuring hospitals can navigate challenges and seize opportunities with clarity.

  • Simplifies creating cash forecasts directly in Microsoft Excel

  • Utilizes the widely-used Excel platform for ease of use

  • Keeps all financial numbers secure on your local computer

  • Offers an affordable tool for accurate financial forecasting

  • Empowers leaders with reliable numbers for informed decision-making

  • Adapts to the specific needs of rural hospitals

Sharpen Your Thinking

Level Up Without Increasing Your Headcount

Proactive Decision Support

KRX empowers hospitals with robust, real-time data, allowing them to make proactive and informed decisions, rather than reactive.

Enhanced Efficiency

By automating finance processes, KRX allows organizations to focus on strategic thinking and forward-planning, instead of wasting time on manual handling and manipulation of data.


KRX enables hospitals to save money by empowering financial forecasts and insights, allowing for more brilliant, cost-effective decisions.

Customized Reporting

KRX has tailored reporting to each hospital’s unique needs and goals, ensuring maximum relevance.

Strategic Growth

With KRX’s detailed financial analysis, organizations can identify opportunities and risks, harness their growth potential and steer towards sustainable success.

Expert Financial Insight

KRX combines industry-specific expertise with financial acumen to provide your rural hospital with number-driven insights for finely tuned business strategies.

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