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KRX^F is an intuitive Excel add-in that simplifies cash forecasting and empowers rural hospital leaders to achieve more with every number.

The Most Effortless Way to Gain Clear Insights for

Superior Cash Forecasting

Specially Crafted for Rural Hospitals

An Easier Way
to Forecast
Cash Flow

Eliminate tedious manual work and unlock clearer thinking for better business performance and outcomes.


Streamline the cash forecasting process with easy-to-use, pre-built structures and automation features, reducing the complexity and time required for manual calculations.

Familiar Excel

Leverage the familiarity of Excel, allowing for immediate use without the need for extensive training or new software adoption, ensuring a smooth and productive workflow.

Stay Local

Maintain control over sensitive financial data by keeping it stored locally, providing peace of mind regarding data security and confidentiality.

Made for Rural Hospitals

Tailor forecasts to meet the unique financial challenges and operational realities of rural hospitals, ensuring the tool is highly relevant and useful.

Save Time

Save significant time with automated processes, freeing up the CFO to focus on high-level strategic initiatives.

You are a Results Fanatic®

Enhance your professional reputation by delivering accurate and timely cash forecasts effortlessly, using intuitive pre-built structures and automation features that streamline the entire process, making you look like a rockstar in the eyes of your team and stakeholders.

Elevate your Forecast
From Start to End

Achieve superior forecasts that are more precise and insightful than those created manually, leading to better decision-making and strategic planning, and ensuring your hospital’s financial health and stability.

Forecast Quaility

KRX^F aids in constructing cash forecasts by providing structured frameworks and advanced analytical capabilities, enabling the CFO to think more critically and strategically. This enhanced analytical approach leads to more accurate and comprehensive forecasts, empowering the CFO to make informed decisions that drive the hospital’s financial health and stability.


KRX^F incorporates a built-in reflection technique that systematically evaluates prior forecasts, providing detailed insights and constructive feedback. This iterative learning process enables the CFO to refine forecasting methods continuously, leading to progressively more accurate and reliable forecasts. By learning from past performance, the CFO can make more informed adjustments, ensuring the hospital’s financial health and long-term stability.


KRX^F offers the ability to create and analyze multiple financial scenarios with fully customizable models. This feature allows the CFO to explore various strategic options and their potential impacts, fostering a deeper understanding of possible outcomes. By simulating different scenarios, the CFO can prepare for a range of financial situations, making more informed and proactive decisions that support the hospital’s financial resilience and growth.


KRX^F generates clear, visually engaging reports and dashboards that effectively communicate forecast insights. This feature enables the CFO to present complex financial data in an easily understandable format, fostering better comprehension among stakeholders. By improving the clarity and impact of financial presentations, the CFO can facilitate informed decision-making and strategic planning, ultimately driving the hospital’s financial health and stability.

Packed With Features
A CFO Will Love

Cash Metrics

Analysis of key cash metrics to provide a comprehensive view of the hospital’s cash flow health.

AR Metrics

Accounts receivable metrics that help monitor and improve collection rates, enhancing cash flow management.

Prior Forecast Comparison

Built-in feature to compare current forecasts with previous ones, enabling continuous improvement and accuracy in financial planning.

Isolate Operating Cash vs. Restricted Cash

Clear distinction between operating cash and restricted cash, ensuring precise management and allocation of funds.

26-Week Forecast

A robust 26-week forecasting model that offers a long-term view of the hospital’s financial position, aiding in strategic planning.

Team Collaboration

Easy sharing capabilities that allow the entire finance team to collaborate on forecasts, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Capex Planning

Tools for planning and managing capital expenditures, ensuring that major investments are aligned with the hospital’s financial strategy.

DSH and Special Payments

Integration of Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments and other special payments into the forecasting model, providing a complete financial picture.

AP & Expense Timing

Supporting expense planning and projections, allowing the CFO to manage and anticipate operational costs more effectively. This feature ensures that all expenditures are accounted for and aligns with the hospital’s financial strategy.

Get Started with KRX^R in Minutes

System Requirements

  • OS

    Microsoft Windows 7 or above (both 32 and 64 bit versions)

  • Excel

    Microsoft Excel 2010 or above, local installation.
    Microsoft Excel 365 is preferred.

  • Processor

    Intel or AMD recommended
    Apple Silicon works via Parallels (limited support)

  • RAM

    At least 2 GB of RAM

  • .Net

    Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or greater

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