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CXO empowers rural hospital executives to elevate their leadership and strategic decision-making, driving superior results across their organizations

Elevate Your Leadership

Rural hospital leaders primed for growth choose CXO for transformative coaching and strategic guidance to stabilize and elevate their management.

When rural hospitals primed for growth seek to elevate their performance, they turn to CXO for strategic guidance and expert coaching. Our team, rich in experience and expertise, empowers leaders to navigate change and seize opportunities effectively. We work closely with hospital staff and stakeholders to identify growth potentials, develop and implement actionable strategies, and drive superior results. With CXO’s support, rural hospitals are equipped to enhance their capabilities and thrive in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

Build A High-Performance Organization

At Newbrier, we understand the growing complexities of rural hosptial leadership. We also understand what opportunities and resources help leaders prosper. CXO is designed to help leaders meet—and exceed—their growing list of demands. Leaders can feel equipped to break through personal barriers, transform their thinking, and approach issues with fresh perspectives. We’ve categorized our offerings into three pillars, which help empower and accelerate executives throughout their career journey with timely information, peer connection, and leadership development.

Primed for Growth

Being ‘primed for growth’ signifies that a rural hospital is strategically positioned to expand and enhance its services, capabilities, and patient care. This status is achieved through a combination of strong foundational systems, forward-thinking leadership, and the readiness to capitalize on emerging opportunities. A hospital primed for growth has effectively aligned its operational efficiencies, staff competencies, and technological resources to not only meet current healthcare demands but to proactively respond to future challenges and opportunities. This readiness ensures that the hospital can swiftly adapt and thrive in the evolving healthcare landscape, turning potential into progress and visions into victories.

Our Approach

CXO is designed around three core pillars that are proven to drive sustained personal and organizational performance:


Build the ability in yourself and your team to persevere and thrive when faced with complex challenges. Understand how to foster a climate that encourages breakthrough innovation and creativity.


Immerse in the top technologies impacting rural healthcare and your organization. Expand your understanding of how data analytics can be leveraged for business impact.


Explore how Kinetic Rapidity can make your team more innovative and more patient focused. Leverage the creativity of all your team members through optimized approaches to collaboration.

Participant Profile

Hospital leaders that are leading or on track to lead organizations that are primed for growth are welcome to apply. CXO works best when the entire leadership team of the hospital is engaged and focused on achieving a new level of success.


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Learn how our CXO program can help your hospital thrive.