We specialize in achieving
Results under pressure.

Newbrier drives value in urgent situations by focusing on cash results. Our approach is quite and effective to bring about the change you seek because failure is not an option.

Chief Financial Officer

When your company is pushing to achieve a higher tier of growth, a CFO can provide financial and strategic guidance to achieve your goals.

Why You Need a CFO

As a business grows and expands, the need for cash flow emerges as a critical constraint to the growth potential of the company. To indeed manage and plan for cash, a business needs the financial insight of a CFO.

Of course, a quality, talented CFO comes with a hefty price tag. How does a business know when the right time to make a move is?

At Newbrier, we simplify the challenge. We have experienced, professional CFOs ready to tackle your projects and help your business plan for and execute a growth plan.

CFO Insights

Our CFOs provide part-time, interim, and project-based financial expertise to fantastic businesses. The work they do focuses on the market and financial strategy; our CFOs use modern data analysis and strategic insight to help business owners make the best possible decisions. For decision-making and planning, it’s often helpful to bring in someone with an objective point of view to analyze the numbers and match them up with your thoughts and plans.

The team includes CFOs with experience in many industries and all stages of growth, including startup, high-growth ramp-up, turnaround, and strategic exits. We know how to identify the critical issues to your company, prioritize them for you, and execute measurable results. Lean on Newbrier’s expert CFOs for decision-making and planning.

By the numbers

$2 Trillion

Over $2 Trillion budgeted and forecasted 

Our Expertise

Cash Flow Management

Manage your capital runway, debt obligations, and ensure the ability to invest in new projects.

Profitability Optimization

Identify opportunities to improve margins through granular analysis of channels, service lines, products, and more.

Finance Transformation

Beyond small tweaks, accelerate results with rapid change in the cost, process, or performance to transform your operating model, processes, and organization.

Integrated Performance Management

Drive coordinated action to improve the financial performance of the enterprise as a whole.

Risk Mitigation

Understand the risks and roadblocks that lay ahead and proactively work to avoid them.

Distressed Workout

Expertise to transform the business radically by supporting existing management or when requested to replace executive roles to accomplish critical objectives.

Market Penetration

Unlock scalable growth through new business models, channels, verticals, or customer segments.

Competitive Analysis

Understand the opportunities and threats to your business presented by other players in the space.

Internal System Implementation

Put systems and controls in place across your business to accelerate growth.

Fundraising Support

Plan for the timing, format, and level of funding required to support business operations.

Profit Modeling

Establish a dynamic financial tool that reflects your business, then use it to evaluate scenarios and plan the best path forward.

Stakeholder Relations

Building mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders to enable the strategic vision of the company. 

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