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Giving and Earning 300% Credit

The awful boss that is often spoken of who steals his employees ideas, robs them of recognition for accomplishments and hard work, and passes the blame for failure is the poster child of bad management....

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Why are you doing this?

I spoke with a friend today who is exploring an entrepreneurial pursuit.  As we discussed the business plan concept I eventually couldn’t help myself but to start drilling in on the economics.   So...

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Exceptional Excellence or World Class

Do you tell your team you want to be “World Class”?  If you do, let me try to persuade your thinking and change your goal.   To me, World Class means you are have achieved a standard of...

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A Message to Garcia

A boss and later mentor first shared Elbert Hubbard’s A Message to Garcia with me.  The brashness, the directness, and candor is refreshing since all too often we walk on eggshells to in an attempt...

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