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The Critical Impact of Robust Financial Planning & Analysis: Powering Organizational Growth

June 12, 2023    •    6 min read
Financial Planning & Analysis

In thriving businesses and ambitious healthcare organizations, constant growth and evolution are not just goals – they form the essence of their existence. A key protagonist in this growth narrative is the robust practice of financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

FP&A is the cornerstone of any organization’s success, but its role extends beyond statistical analysis or number crunching. Its sphere of influence spans accurate financial modeling, strategic business planning, data-driven decision making, and even navigating the complexities of business environments that are ever-changing at an unprecedented pace. This makes FP&A not only valuable but indispensable in the current landscape.

The FP&A Role: A Broader Perspective

Though the core of FP&A revolves around offering timely and accurate financial analysis and consultation to an organization’s leaders, its benefits are far-reaching. The strategic relevance of a strong FP&A function has never been more pronounced than in today’s dynamic, fast-paced business environment.

By facilitating well-planned financial strategies, the FP&A function underpins the entire business plan, piloting a well-structured process to verify the feasibility of planned objectives. By taking a forward-thinking approach, the FP&A professional assesses how well the business is likely to perform and constructs metrics to evaluate actual success against these projected outcomes.

The FP&A journey does not stop at planning. This dynamic function evolves and adapts, continually serving as an astute navigator for prudent business operations.

The Catalyst for Investment

In scenarios where funding or financing is the need of the hour, the FP&A function genuinely demonstrates its prowess. It equips you to articulate the financial dimensions of your business plan promptly, clearly, and effectively.

Investors – whether taxpayers, grant committees, or corporate leadership – invariably seek solid, numerical evidence of business growth and a service line strategy that fulfills community needs. Lenders and banks, too, look for these quantified assurances to guarantee loan repayment. A well-adhered FP&A function, thus, becomes instrumental in garnering crucial financial support.

Bridging the Past and the Future

An exemplary FP&A function takes up the reins where accounting concludes. If accounting focuses on recording historical financial data, FP&A concentrates on future dynamics. It links the strategic priorities to a comprehensive long-term plan and frames annual operating and capital budgets. FP&A facilitates multiyear financial modeling and elaborates the process of translating strategic objectives into detailed annual budgets.

In essence, FP&A manages the financial oversight to ensure the delivery of annual budget results while fortifying cash flow predictability.

Drawing an analogy using Steven Covey’s acclaimed “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” the practice of building and scrutinizing long-term plans and budgets aligns with the principle of beginning with an end in mind. Regular revisions, modeling, and forecasting of the financial plan align with putting first things first. When paralleled with FP&A actions, these principles resonate with its core tenets, emphasizing its integral relevance to organizational success.

The Power of Consistency

Consistency lies at the heart of a robust FP&A process. It minimizes variation, resulting in reliable data that forms the bedrock of sound financial and strategic decisions. An adept FP&A department, embracing its role as Results Fanatics™, develops and disseminates variance reports, highlight reports, and other analytical reviews to augment the organization’s decision-making prowess.

That brings us to the question – what truly sets an FP&A function apart?

The Value-Added Benefits of FP&A

The power of a high-impact Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) function extends well beyond the tangible numbers and financial metrics. At its core, it unfolds as a strategic business partner, crafting a vision for sustainable growth and progress. It’s not confined to the binary world of numbers but is instrumental in shaping and steering strategic objectives – a fact highlighted two decades ago by ‘CFO’ magazine and holds true even now.

An advanced FP&A department is not a number-crunching, mechanical entity. It’s a dynamic, forward-thinking business ally that acknowledges and addresses your organization’s unique needs. With a finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving healthcare terrain, it swiftly adapts and strategizes – designing solutions that tangibly impact your bottom line.

An elevated FP&A function is a transformative force in your organization’s journey toward prosperity. It doesn’t merely report or analyze data but extracts insights, charts growth stories, and drives strategic priorities. It’s a strategic guiding light that makes navigating the complexity of business operations seamless.

At Newbrier, we understand and value the modern, strategic role of FP&A in rural hospitals. As your partners in this journey, we are committed to crafting metrics that matter, creating resonating strategies, and delivering outcomes that count. After all, we’re not just bean counters, we’re passionate Results Fanatics™ – steadfast in our mission of fueling data-driven growth and measurable outcomes.

In the dynamic world where business progress is relentless, a proactive FP&A function becomes your ally in steering towards success. Embracing the power of data and the depth of analytics, it propels your business resources and capabilities towards the horizon of success. In the grand canvas of organizational growth, an adept FP&A function becomes the muse that influences the masterpiece.

Transforming FP&A: From Finance Control Tower to Strategic Business Partner

In the relentless tempo of contemporary business growth, a robust FP&A function is not just essential – it’s pivotal for survival and prosperity. It not only propels your trajectory towards growth but does so firmly anchored in the power of data and the precision of analytics.

A potent FP&A function is no longer limited to operating as a figurative finance control tower. It transcends this conventional role to emerge as a strategic business partner driving corporate priorities. It advances the narrative from analyzing numbers to shaping strategies, from short-term plans to long-term vision, from monitoring expenditure to generating value.

In the oft turbulent sea of business operations, a proficient FP&A function serves as a trusted navigator. Acting concurrently as your compass and rudder, it guides your enterprise deftly towards the horizon of success.

We champion this new age FP&A philosophy as it parallels with our ethos – we too value the power of data, the importance of collaboration, and the drive for innovation. Like the FP&A function, we too dare to look beyond the conventional, embrace change, and ardently seek success – a shared journey towards desired outcomes and measurable growth.

Together, as strategic partners and Results Fanatics™, we charter a course tempered by analysis, fueled by passion, and steeped in collaboration. The horizon of success is not a distant dream, rather a shared objective resonating with the rhythm of strategic financial planning and data-driven precision. Thus, in the grand scheme of organizational growth, a robust FP&A function is not just an advantageous ally – it is integral.

Gregory Brickner

Results Fanatic®


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