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A Message to Garcia

A boss and later mentor first shared Elbert Hubbard’s A Message to Garcia with me.  The brashness, the directness, and candor is refreshing since all too often we walk on eggshells to in an attempt of protecting someone.  The harsh reality is that we are not protecting these soles, rather damming them to a life of ignorance and under achievement of their own self potential.   Far too often, the Rowan’s of the world today are punished for their innate ability to just figure it out and get the job done.  They are reward with greater work, and the prize of being the fall guy when things go badly.  

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Understand the Agency Problem when hiring a consultant.

Just as a mathematician finds a solution to a problem, a consulting with find a problem for a solution.  This is why consults are always pitching new ideas, tools, and fabulous new ways to run your business.  Very few though will actually say ‘this will make you more money’.  It is as if this doesn’t matter or is a natural benefit of they elixir they prescribe.

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